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Frequently asked questions

What separates us from other local urgent care facilities?

Our facility has been a part of the Belleview community for over 13 years. We have consistently provided quality medical care in both urgent and primary care areas.  Our Healthcare Providers are easily accessible and always ready to assist with any questions or situations which may arise regarding your quality of care. Our hometown advantage enables us to focus on patients seeking medical care without driving to a larger metro area.  Our Leesburg facility has been open for nearly 3 years and arose out of the need for a similar rural center, which would be easily accessible for patients from the Villages to Orlando.   Additionally, one of the best advantages to being a patient with Express Care of Belleview / Leesburg is that you may use us for most of your health needs. We can refer you to the Diagnostic and Imaging Center for follow up tests or our lab for blood work for the most accurate diagnosis.  Additionally, with any prescriptions you may need to fill, we can order them for you to pick up from Belleview or Leesburg Community Pharmacy, when your appointment is complete. 

How do I know when I should go the ER vs. Urgent Care?

Our urgent care facility provides many out-patient treatments similar to Emergency Room treatments.  We accept emergency patients for minor surgical procedures such as lacerations and any other non-life threatening incidents. Should we deem the nature of the emergency to be out of our hands, we will call for an ambulance to take you to the hospital. 

What are the advantages to utilizing the
Urgent Care facility vs. the Emergency Room?

The biggest advantage over an emergency room is typically a shorter wait time at our facility.  Many times, we are able to take emergency cases into the clinic right away.  Additionally, we are not as costly to you or your insurance provider.  

Can I make an appointment or is it only on a walk-in basis?

Anytime you plan on seeing a physician we prefer that you make an appointment.  If you have an emergency or an unexpected, short-notice situation please do not hesitate to walk-in.  Walk-ins are always welcome. 

With so many doctors available, how do I select
the right one for me?

As with any physician there is a certain level of comfort we hope to provide to you.  With that in mind we have multiple Healthcare Providers which are available to see you.  If you are ever unsatisfied with your current provider, please let us know, and we would be happy to arrange an appointment with any of our certified staff.

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